Cancer Wellness Program at TCLMH

The Trego County Lemke Memorial Hospital Cancer Wellness Program is an outpatient service for people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Research shows that exercise, nutrition, education and support provide a strong defense in the fight against cancer and its treatment effects. TCLMH has designed their Cancer Wellness Program to offer these tools to assist cancer patients in their journey from diagnosis through survivorship with the ultimate goal of empowering cancer survivors to enhance their overall quality of life.cancerwellness

Exercise benefits cancer survivors by reducing fatigue, reducing nausea, decreasing pain levels, and increasing tolerance to chemotherapy drugs. The program is tailored to the individual needs of the participant, no matter where they are in the recovery process. Each session will include cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength, balance and flexibility exercises. Participants will be given the opportunity to meet with a nutritionist, laugh therapist, social worker, massage and physical therapy staff as appropriate.

The TCLMH Cancer Wellness Program meets two times each week. The individualized exercise plans are created by a Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist specific to each participants needs. The sessions can be provided in a group setting or one on one with personal training.

The entire program is based on wanting every cancer patient and survivor to get back to being more active and having the ability to enjoy all aspects of life.

For more information or a free consultation please contact Michelle Brungardt, PT or Kim Cunningham, CPTA at 785-743-2182.